Reports, Forms & Permits


Police Records Division

A written request for police reports must be submitted to the Police Department to obtain a police report. The police department supplies forms for Request for Police Reports for citizen convenience. Request for reports will be handled in the order they are received. Reports will be mailed to the requestor as soon as possible, within five to ten working days.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report

Please have the Agency Name, Report Number (exactly as given to you), and the Incident Date (date of accident).

Trespass Authorization and Vacation Notification Form

The officers of the Woodburn Police Department work tirelessly to ensure the safety of you, your families, and your homes. To help us on this endeavor, we have posted our Vacation Notification forms and our Trespass Authorization forms online. By completing these forms and submitting them via e-mail, we can save you and the police department time and resources in distributing the information to the officers who patrol the streets 24 hours a day.

The Trespass Authorization forms we have received in the past do not currently have an expiration date. From this point on all Trespass Authorizations will expire exactly one year from the date annotated on the bottom of the form next to your signature. We have forms dating back several years and any form completed prior to October 01, 2008 will expire and be purged from our records. If you would like to continue authorizing the arrest of trespassers from your property the Woodburn Police will need a new form completed.

Parade and Sound Permit

The City of Woodburn has an ordinance to regulate noise. The current ordinance was approved and passed by the City Council in April 2002 in order to be in compliance with the Oregon and US Constitutions and case law.

In residential zones there have been problems with family events. Some use mariachis and live bands or DJ's which can violate the noise ordinance. It is not the city's goal to issue citations. On the contrary, the city's goal is to have neighborhoods free of too much noise. To inform residents and help them comply with the city noise regulations.

The Woodburn Police Department also issues Parade Applications. Any special event which requires more than two City streets to be closed will require a Parade Application.

Additional Forms