Current Projects


              Boones Crossing Phase III

              PUD 97-03; PUD 00-02


              Chrisman / Al's Trailers Property Line Adjustment

              PLA 2018-02

              1221 & 1241 Evergreen Road


              Do It Best

              DR 2017-09, EXCP 2018-02

              333 Woodland Avenue

   Proposal to partially redevelop the subject site by adding off-street parking and expanding paved outdoor storage area and avoiding much of otherwise required upgrades to frontage/public/street improvements through corollary application for Exception to Street Right-of-Way and improvement Requirements ("Street Exception") EXCP 2018-02.  The application package is a Type II administrative/staff decision, meaning no public hearing is required.


             Fuapau Residence Addition

             AZ 2018-01

             812 N Second St (at Church St)


            Jayla Homes LLC Property

            PAR 2017-01 & EXCP 2018-03

            656 Gatch St


            ODOT/Rainier Property Line Adjustment

            PLA 2018-01

            2112 & 2136 Rainier Rd (at Oregon Way)


            Pizza Hut Redevelopment

            DR 2018-02; EXCP 2018-01

            1425 Mt Hood Ave.


            Smith Creek Development

  •        690 Ben Brown Lane                                                                                                                                                                                             
  •        Smith Creek Development 690 Ben Brown Lane ANX 2017-05,   
              PUD 2017-01, et al. Staff Report and Attachment
  •        Abridged Materials in One PDF​ (June 22, 2018; 40MB)                                                                                                                                           
  •        Staff Memo with Attachments 



            The project is scheduled for City Council on Monday, October 29, 2018. 


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           Transportation System Plan