Quick Action by Witnesses Aid Arrest of Graffiti Sprayer

A pair of attentive residents help catch a person spray painting graffiti on the morning of June 13. They noticed a young male dressed in black applying graffiti to various buildings. One quickly captured video of the suspect while the other called Woodburn police. The location was the intersection of Mount Hood Avenue and Tierra Lynn Drive, which just happened to be near the Woodburn Police Department.

Responding officers arrested Daniel Mireles, 19, of Woodburn in the progress of applying graffiti to another location at Tierra Lynn Drive and James Street. After a short foot chase, where the spray paint can was dropped and found by police, Mireles was taken into custody.

Mireles’ arrest cleared five criminal mischief cases as well as an outstanding probation violation warrant for burglary.

The Woodburn Police Department would like to encourage the community to call 911 when they observe someone in the act of applying graffiti. With quick responses, police can catch those who commit these crimes and work on holding them accountable.

Anyone with information on past graffiti crimes is encouraged to contact the Woodburn Police Department at 503-982-2345.

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