Good Neighbor Program

The City of Woodburn will be initiating its “Good Neighbor” campaign this spring with our police and code enforcement officers. This year the officers will be conducting specific education on ordinances pertaining to parking, nuisance abatement, graffiti and the requirements for habitable rental housing. These ordinances comprise a high proportion of the complaints the Woodburn Police Department receives, or impact a significant number of Woodburn citizens. The City will focus its efforts on the three police districts, which encompasses all of Woodburn, with an emphasis on what it means to be a good neighbor.

Please click here for more information on this program.


Code Enforcement Officers

The Woodburn Police Department has two code enforcement officers who deal with ordinance violations and other civil complaints. Some of these may include overgrown weeds or grass, abandoned property that is a real fire/safety hazard or illegally parked cars. The code enforcement officers also deal with loose dogs throughout the City.

To view the Woodburn Police Department’s FAQs on code enforcement, click here.

FAQs en Español, preciona aquí.

FAQs in Russian, click here.

Solicitor's Ordinance

Recently, the Woodburn City Council updated its Solicitor's Ordinance and the Woodburn Police Department has put together answers for many questions it gets from the public on the subject.

To view the FAQs on the new Solicitor's Ordinance, click here.

FAQs en Español, preciona aquí.

FAQs in Russian, click here.