Woodburn Estates Raises $1,500 for WPD

The Woodburn Estates & Golf Pancake Breakfast on April 25 raised $1,500 for the Woodburn Police Department. The WPD will use the money raised for a portable police/traffic trailer.

Total cost for the trailer is $11,000, which will be shared between police and public works departments.

Woodburn Police Chief Jim Ferraris said the need for the trailer came about from citizen complaints.

"This was, in part, as a direct response from citizen complaints about speed in our neighborhoods, especially around schools and in our lower speed business districts," he said. "In addition, it will assist public works in traffic management studies, and determining traffic patterns and roadway speed."

Chief Ferraris also said it will be a proactive tool used even when there aren't complaints.

"The overall goal is to reduce driver speed and increase driver awareness, reduce the likelihood of speed-related violations and of course, reduce the number of speed-related traffic crashes," he said. "As chief of police, I will always promote traffic safety as an overall priority for the Woodburn Police Department."

He also said Woodburn Estates' fundraiser was vital to the department's ability to purchase the trailer.

"We appreciate so much what Woodburn Estates did for us, and really for the community," Chief Ferraris said. "These community partnerships are so important for our department, and these funds will directly help their area become safer, as well as the entire City."

The City expects to purchase the trailer sometime after July 1.

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