City Sells Association Building

The City of Woodburn has sold the Association Building, located at 347 N. Front St., to a pair of Portland businessmen who hope to turn the building into an Artisan-like marketplace.

Hythum Ismail and Robby Truong, two Portland police officers and business entrepreneurs, purchased the building for $400,000.

“(We) have been in commercial real estate for a long time and we have found it is hard to find areas that are affordable and have a blank slate,” said Ismail. “Being a police officer and living in Portland we know how hard it is in the big city to find something. We found (the Association Building) by chance, and really like the setting.

“This is our chance to do something positive and after having met with Economic Development Director Jamie Johnk and others, it seemed like we were a good fit.”

Ismail said the plan is to make the building a place people not only from the community will go to, but visitors as well.

Because getting a storefront can be costly for potential business owners, Ismail is bringing the storefront to them.

“We are going after the smaller entrepreneurs who can’t afford big storefronts, but can come together and have almost like an indoor Artisan plan,” he said. “You might have a winery, or someone who sells Etsy can now have an actual store and we will bring them together to give people several options in one location.”

That plan is for the ground floor. The second floor, which has about 5,000 square feet available, will be a place for large gatherings, like churches, meetings, quinceañeras, etc.

“Those are our ideas right now, but we will go to the community to see what people want and need,” Ismail said.

He added that they are “really, really excited” to be in Downtown Woodburn and thinks they can help bring that area “alive with people.”

The first step is getting a structural engineer to go through the place next week to see what work needs to be done in order to get drawings submitted to the City.

 “We have a contractor ready to go and once the structural engineer tells us what needs to be done, we will have a designer give us some drawings,” Ismail added. “Our goal is to have the first floor done and open sometime this summer. Once that is done, we can start looking at the second floor.”

Sale agreement details:

  • Price: $400,000
  • Terms: $100,000 down payment, City carries financing at 4 percent APR over 20 years on remaining $300,000 with balloon payment due in five years if financing secured
  • Future: City agrees to renegotiate financing terms if buyer is unable to secure balloon payment after five years

To see the purchase agreement between the City and the buyers, click here.

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