Library Atrium Named in Honor of Former Mayor Nancy Kirksey

Woodburn Mayor Kathy Figley honored former Mayor Nancy Kirksey at Monday's Woodburn City Council meeting by naming the Atrium in Woodburn Public Library in her honor. Kirksey, who was lured to the meeting under false pretenses only to be surprised by the honor, was genuinely appreciative of the honor.

"I had no idea and I am truly honored," Kirksey said.

Kirksey was mayor of Woodburn twice - from 1986-90 and 1994-1998 - and has been passionate about the library and its role in the community. She has maintained the Atrium for years, making sure it is decorated for holidays and always looks pristine.

"Nancy's commitment to this community, and the way she cares for the Atrium, are incredible," said Figley. "I know we tricked her to get her to the meeting, but she is really hard to surprise. This is a small gesture for everything she does, and has done, for Woodburn."

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