Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay any citation at this Court?

No. Each Court is a separate system. You must appear at the address listed on the citation. If you need to go to the North Marion Justice Court, it is located at 986 N, Pacific Hwy., Woodburn, Oregon 97071. Their phone number is 503-981-8101.

Can I pay my fines without going to Court?

Yes. You can pay at the Traffic Violations Bureau (Court Window) at Woodburn City Hall any week-day prior to your appearance, and may receive automatic deductions. Additionally, if you have been cited into the North Marion County Justice Court, you can contact them prior to your appearance and make similar arraignments.

The fine is more than I can afford at this time. Can I make payments?

Yes, a payment plan can be set up by appearing early, before your scheduled Court appearance, or after you leave the Court Room following the arraignment.

Can I take Defensive Driving Classes (Diversion Program) so the ticket won't appear on my driving record?

Yes, if you are eligible for the program.  Please contact the Violations Bureau beginning ten calendar days after receiving the ticket, up to the day before the appearance date (court date) listed on the ticket.  On the appearance date listed on your ticket, you must appear before the Judge, not the Violations Bureau, to request the diversion program.  Please check with the Court to see if you are eligible for the diversion program, or to obtain additional information.

Diversion program eligibility factors include, but are not limited to:

  • No convictions or diversion for any motor vehicle violation (including DUII) within the three years immediately preceeding the date of the citation
  • Driver's license is not a Commercal Driver's License
  • No other pending motor vehicle citations in this or any other court
  • No accidents associated with the alleged offense
  • The traffic violation is not a Class A Violation or a No Insurance Citation
  • The traffic violation is a moving traffic violation
  • Agree to plead No Contest to the traffic offense with which you are currently charged
  • Agree to pay the fee imposed for the offense within the time for payment set by the Court

Do you have an Interpreter while I am in Court or conducting Court business?

Yes, a Court Certified Spanish Interpreter is present at all arraignments and if needed, for trials. For other languages, there is a Language Line Service available.

What happens if I cannot appear in Court?

You can appear anytime before the scheduled Court date at the Court Office window at City Hall, or send the base fine amount with a letter of explanation for the Judge to read. The letter and base fine has to arrive at the Court Office before the scheduled date of appearance. The consequences for not appearing in court can be severe. It is in your best interest to do one of the above.