Woodburn's mayoral history

Very few people know a lot about Woodburn’s mayoral history.  Interestingly, between 1890 and 1895, the citizens of Woodburn did not directly elect a Mayor.  Rather, the mayor was appointed on an annual basis by a five-member City Council.

Below is a list of all 34 mayors in Woodburn’s history. Interestingly enough, our current mayor, Kathy Figley, is the longest-tenured mayor in our City’s history. She is in the middle of her sixth term, which is quite an accomplishment. Pictured above, from left to right, are former mayors H.M. Austin, Grant Corby and Del Garner.

Of course, Woodburn’s first Mayor was J.H. Settlemier (1895 –1896) followed by Walter Tooze (1896 – 1897), John Eagon (1897 – 1898), L.W Guiss (1898 – 1899) and J.F Doud (1899 – 1900). Woodburn’s Mayors from 1909 to current is as follows:

R.H. Scott, 1909-10

W.L Jerman, 1910-12

J.M. Poorman, 1912-13

J.R. Landon, 1913

P.A. Livesley, 1913-14

David Clark, 1914-15

J.F. Steelhammer, 1915-18

James J. Broyles, 1924-34

S.A. Hoefer, 1934-36

M.H. Austen, 1936-46

Elmer E. Mattson, 1946-54

T.L. Workman, 1954-58

John F. Lacey, 1958-60

Delbert G. Garner, 1960-May 1962

M.F. Tyler, May 1962-November 1962

Otto J. Halter, 1962-66

D.J. Burlingham, 1966-70

Walter Lawson, 1970-74

Ralph Pickering, 1974-76

Stanley Liss, 1976-78

Walter Lawson, 1978-82

William Costine, 1982-86

Nancy A. Kirksey, 1986-90

Fred Kyser, 1990-92

Len Kelley, 1992-94

Nancy A. Kirksey, 1994-98

Richard Jennings, 1998-2002

Kathryn Figley, 2000-present

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