Tips to Becoming a Great Neighbor!

By Jim Hendryx, Woodburn Economic & Services Director

Woodburn is made up of lots of individual neighborhoods, such as the Smith Addition, Tukwila, The Estates, Woodburn Crest Estates, Henry’s Farm, etc. Neighborhoods are made of individual homes and residents. The following is a helpful list of tips for what makes a good neighbor and great neighborhoods:

Mowing and weeding your yard on a regular basis is a key factor to getting along with your neighbors.  Neat and clean yards improve the appearance of the whole neighborhood and show the passing public that residents care about their homes. It’s also contagious — one neighbor making yard improvements can inspire others to do the same.

Good neighbors park their vehicles in the driveway or in front of their home, not on the lawn or other unimproved areas. Parking vehicles on lawns is unsightly, ruins the yard, tracks mud into the street and damages sidewalks and curbs. Not to mention the negative impacts of oil and other motor fluids leaking into the soil. Vehicles parked on unimproved areas or lawns affect the appearance of the entire neighborhood. 

A good neighbor does not store lumber, furniture, washing machines, car parts, etc., in their yard. This is unsightly and can be illegal. Junk can attract vermin, such as mice, rats and mosquitoes. Entire neighborhoods are impacted by unsightly storage in yards.

Pets are a wonderful addition to a home. Good neighbors don’t allow their dogs to bark constantly, leave their waste or urinate on their neighbor’s yard, shrubs or flowers, as well as public areas. Barking dogs and other loud noises is a nuisance and disturb the peacefulness of the neighborhood. Being able to enjoy the quiet of your home is one of the simple joys of life. 

Finally, good neighbors are willing to solve problems together. If there are problems, neighbors should discuss them and find acceptable solutions. In doing so, they create better, stronger neighborhoods.

Woodburn is a wonderful community. It’s made up of over nearly over 25,000 people and dozens of individual neighborhoods. Neighbors working together to solve their problems and co-exist peacefully make this city a great place to live.

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