Plenty to keep Public Works Department busy

I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on some of the efforts our Public Works Department is working on. In addition to keeping our drinking water safe, our wastewater flowing and streets clear, there are a lot of other projects our Public Works Department is pursuing.

Our Public Works employees are some of the busiest around. As of this blog, here’s a look at all of the Public Works Department’s ongoing projects:

1.      I-5 Interchange Tree Removal and Temporary Fence Installation Project – The project was completed on September 13, 2013 and will enable the relocation of PGE and other franchise utilities that have existing facilities that are in conflict with the I-5 Interchange Project. 

2.      I-5 Interchange Sanitary Sewer Relocation Project – This project will relocate existing sanitary sewer facilities that are in conflict with the I-5 Interchange Project.  The project will occur on Lawson Avenue and Hwy 214.  The project is currently scheduled for an October bid opening date, with construction activities anticipated to begin in November of 2013.

3.      I-5 Interchange Waterline Relocation Project – This project will relocate existing waterline facilities in Highway 214 that are in conflict with the I-5 Interchange Project.  The project is scheduled for a December bid opening date, with construction to begin in early 2014. 

4.      Woodburn Sign & Police Memorial Design –Staff is working with OTAK in redesigning a portion of the I-5 Interchange Project include the installation of the City of Woodburn sign and the Police Memorial.

5.      Wastewater Treatment – Continue to work with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPES) discharge permit renewal and the final design plans for Wastewater Treatment Mutual Agreement Order (MAO) improvements, Treatment Plant Upgrades and Natural Treatment System. DEQ approval of treatment plant upgrades in regard to temperature water quality standards Permits and design review  are being delayed due to EPA disapproval Oregon’s Water Quality Standards; Natural Conditions Criteria for Temperature.

6.      First Street Urban Renewal Project – In supporting the Urban Renewal Agency, staff is developing some conceptual design alternatives for the reconstruction of 1st Street for future consideration.  The main focus area is between Oak Street and Harrison Street, including the reconstruction of the side streets to the existing alleys.  Three initial conceptual designs have been looked at thus far.

7.      Biosolids Dredging and Land Application – In conjunction with site authorizations with a local farm operation, IOKA Farms, the city contracts with Synagro-WWT to dredge, transport and land apply approximately 750 dry tons of biosolids material.

8.      Wyffels Park Stream Restoration Project – The purpose of the Wyffels Park Stream and Wetland Restoration Project is to improve the water quality of the Mill Creek watershed, to construct natural habitat within the urban environment, to provide public access for both recreational and academic activities, and to better manage storm water discharge.  HDJ Design group’s Surveyors are in process of completing required tasks, including property boundary information and staking.  Staff is working with Habitat Concepts to develop conceptual ideas for the restoration of this area, including types & locations of plantings and the migration of the stream.

9.      Wastewater Treatment Poplar Harvest and Replant – Complete over the next two years complete harvest of each management unit and replant of the existing poplar plantation.

10.  2013-14 Miscellaneous Street Resurfacing Project – Scheduled roads for Preventive Maintenance, Resurfacing

  • N. Settlemier Ave.                  From Arthur St. to Lincoln St
  • Astor Way                               From Hwy. 214 to Country Club Rd.
  • E Lincoln St.                           From Hwy 99E to Front St.
  • Leisure St.                               From Hwy. 214 to W Hayes St
  • Mayanna Dr.                           From Henrys Blvd. to Anna St.
  • Princeton Rd.                          From Rainier Rd. to Country Club Rd.
  • Grant St.                                 From Second St. to Fifth St.
  • Country Club Ct.                    From Country Club Rd. to Private Driveway of Motel

11.  2013-14 Storm & Sanitary Sewer Project – This project includes the following construction elements: Constructing new 18-inch gravity sewer from the Alley to the Aquatic Center; Replacement of 180-feet of collapsed 42-inch Dia. gravity storm pipe on Center St.; constructing 2 new manholes and 1 inlet on Cleveland Street at City hall for needed storm drain improvements; abandonment of 12-inch gravity sewer line on Settlemier Avenue at the Hwy. 214 intersection;  replacing 3 eccentric manhole tops on Mill Creek Trunk with 3 flat tops and raising the elevation by 3-feet; and rehabilitating existing air/vac manholes on the 18-inch force main for drainage and sealing.

12.  Ogle Street Surface Improvements – This project will provide a macadam style surface treatment on Ogle Street between Cleveland Street and S Boones Ferry Road.  This project will minimize City maintenance work and will alleviate the dust abatement applications that were applied yearly to Ogle Street.  The project will also provide a smoother and safer roadway surface for the travelling public.

13.  Hwy 99/Young Street Utility Upgrades –  This project includes upgrading the existing City utilities prior to ODOT improvements that are scheduled to occur at the end of 2014 at the intersection of Hwy 99E and Young Street. 

14.  Legion Park Improvements – Provide support to the Community Services Department for this project.  The project involves the construction of a new Pavilion, construction of 2150 linear feet of 2” depth asphaltic concrete pathway, additional grass in existing bare ground areas, the removal of existing fencing, the installation of a 12’ gate, removal of selected trees, an irrigation system, reconnection of sanitary sewer and water services, Illumination upgrades and the demolition of the existing pavilion.

15.  Implementation of a uniform "School Zone" for signing and legends – The project involves standardizing the signing and legends of all City school zones in conformance with MUTCD (Manual on Traffic Control Devices) requirements.

16.  Management of the Street Sweeping Contract – Manage the street sweeping contract for the City of Woodburn.  Water Truck Services is the vendor awarded the latest contract to provide street sweeping services throughout the City of Woodburn.

17.  Fall Leaf program – Provide residents assistance with the disposal of collected leaves through the leaf season, November to December. Provide additional street sweeping for leaf pick in addition to contracted street sweeping service. Provide and man a leaf drop off site behind the post office between Lincoln and Grant Streets for residents to drop collected leafs

18.  Regulatory Compliance – Continue to implement, comply and reporting based regulatory requirements for Wastewater Treatment,  Sanitary Sewer Collection, Drinking Water Treatment/Distribution and Storm Water Conveyance:

  • Storm Water TMDL Implementation Plan; Prepare and submit annual report to DEQ.
  • Sanitary Sewer Collections; Continue Inflow, infiltration removal. Prepare and submit annual report to DEQ.
  • Drinking Water; Prepare and submit annual consumer confidence (water quality) report to our customers and the State Drinking Water Program
  • Wastewater Treatment; Prepare and submit annual Biosolids, Water Reuse report to DEQ.
  • Drinking Water and Wastewater; monthly sampling and testing with reporting documentation to the regulatory agency of record.
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