Medical marijuana dispensaries will be opening soon in Oregon

On Aug. 14, 2013 Governor Kitzhaber signed HB 3460 into law. The bill allows medical marijuana dispensaries to open throughout Oregon under certain restrictions in commercial and agricultural zones and directs the Oregon Health Authority to develop rules to regulate such dispensaries. Recently, a report on the topic was given to the City Council.

Basically, the report states that with the passing of the bill, medical marijuana dispensaries will be opening in Oregon soon. City officials are unaware of any existing plans to put one here in Woodburn, but we anticipate efforts will be made at numerous locations throughout the state, including perhaps Woodburn, after the law and administrative rules are in effect.

A few cities in Oregon have developed local ordinances. One of those cities, Medford, has banned medical marijuana dispensaries by taking the position that it will not issue business licenses to them because they are in violation of federal law. That particular City has already revoked the business licenses of several businesses that it said were dispensing the drug.

Woodburn City Council has not taken a stance on this issue, but this report is a “heads up” of sorts, letting them know what is coming.

There are many community safety and livability concerns over the bill. To see the entire report on medical marijuana dispensaries given to the council, click here.

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