Legion Park Project Designed to be Highly Sustainable

The City of Woodburn is dedicated to ensuring that its capital improvement projects are developed in a sustainable manner. This involves a making a commitment to integrating the environmental, economic, and social practices that will increase the community’s quality of life, while promoting responsible management of resources. This concept has been an overriding theme throughout the design phase of the Legion Park Rehabilitation project, which is set to hit full speed later this summer.

The project will make a variety of improvements to the Park, including replacing the existing restrooms and picnic pavilion, improving landscaping and turf, field lighting, selective tree thinning, irrigation, pathways, benches, and picnic tables.

The sustainable features of the Legion Park project are numerous, including:

  • Storm water will be detained and filtered on-site prior to being released near Mill Creek. This will help reduce pollution through a natural detention & filtration process, while also maintaining the capacity of the storm sewer system.
  • The new Legion Park sign is being created from the slab of a Black Walnut tree that used to stand along Settlemier Ave. The tree was removed a few years ago, since it was diseased and at risk of coming down in a storm.
  • Log benches were built by volunteers from trees that were removed during last May’s playground project.  The play area is also bordered by these logs.
  • The new picnic pavilion/ restroom facility will be constructed from park trees that will be removed due to their age and condition. Creating buildable lumber from the trees will ensure that these resources are put into productive use. Milling the lumber locally will also reduce the impact created by transporting logs to mills and finished lumber to retail outlets.
  • The landscapes are designed to require a low level of maintenance.
  • The lawn that will be expanded near the pavilion will include an efficiently designed irrigation system that conserves water and adjusts for rainfall levels
  • Plumbing and cooking fixtures from the existing pavilion will be re-used in the new structure.  
  • Legion Park’s existing gravel roads will be used to form the compacted base needed to construct the new paved pathways.
  • Native plantings that don’t require irrigation will be used in the natural areas of the park.
  • Automatically controlled energy efficient LED lighting will be installed in the pavilion/ restrooms.
  • Skylights will be installed in the restrooms in order to take advantage of natural light.
  • Time activated locking mechanisms (that include a safety exit feature) will be installed in the restrooms to reduce the staffing costs of daily locking and unlocking activities.
  • Soil removed from excavation activities will be utilized in other areas of Legion Park.
  • Planting beds will be dressed with organic mulch created from trees removed from the park.

Designing the project to include these sustainable features will benefit the City and park users by reducing operational and maintenance costs, lessening initial and ongoing impacts to the environment, increasing the ecological function of the landscape and natural areas, and increasing the comfort, health and safety of visitors to the park.

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