City continues partnership with Boys & Girls Club

The City of Woodburn and the Boys & Girls Club have a longstanding partnership — one that I believe immensely enhances the community. At Monday’s City Council meeting, the council voted to continue this partnership.

This partnership began in the spring of 2010 and both the City and the Club have benefitted. The program’s success is largely due to the implementation of many high quality programs, including Young Writers Club, Power Hour, Scrapbooking Club, Guitar Club, Keystone Power Teens, Torch Club, Woodburn Outdoors Program, Mentoring (in partnership with Recreation & Parks), Running Club, Manners Club and the popular Cooking Classes.

Most of the terms of the new management agreement with the Boys & Girls Club will remain unchanged from the current agreement. The major tenants of the agreement include:

· The agreement will be effective from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, with the option to renew.  

· The Boys and Girls Club will operate the Settlemier Park Teen Center four hours per day, Monday through Friday, a minimum of 45 weeks per year.

· The Legion Park Center will remain closed, so that the Boys and Girls Club can invest adequate resources into the Settlemier Teen Center Program.

· The City will continue to pay all facility utilities charges.

· The City will continue to provide limited facility maintenance, and information services support to the Settlemier Park Teen Center.

· The City will remain a stakeholder in the operation of the teen program and will have input into programming decisions.

The changes to this year’s agreement include:

· The City will pay the Club $3,745 per month for services provided under this agreement. This fee reflects a reduction from $4,725 in Fiscal Year (FY) 10/11 and FY 11/12, and $4,166 in FY 12/13.   These reductions are a part of the City’s strategy of gradually eliminating the City’s subsidy toward the program.  

The Boys & Girls Club is aware of the City’s financial constraints and has worked hard to reduce their dependence on City funding. They will continue working to further reduce the level of City support required for FY15/16 and beyond.

The annual cost to the City under this agreement will be reduced to $45,000 and is included the proposed FY14/15 General Fund Budget.

There is a direct correlation between having after-school programming for teens and criminal activity. If teens do not have a place to go and have positive role models, they will do things and gravitate to people who don’t have their best interests in mind.

I know that our police officers are grateful for programs like this partnership with the Boys & Girls Club.

For more on what the Club does in Woodburn, click here.


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