Community Relations

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Organization and Agencies Providing Housing Services (PDF)

Organizaciones y Agencias que Proveen Servicio de Vivienda (PDF)

The City of Woodburn values its diversity and cultural heritage, and in an effort to strengthen relationships with its citizens, has created the Community Relations program. The program’s goals include:

·    Developing and implementing strategies to identify and define complex equity and inclusion issues.

·    Developing innovative strategies to increase the effectiveness of equity, inclusion, and social activities.

·    Providing outreach and ombudsman services to diverse and underserved populations.

·    Implementing appropriate communication strategies to reach diverse audiences.

·    Providing support to the Global Inclusion Advisory Committee.

·    Providing verbal and written translation services.

·    Providing a Spanish version of the E-Blast.

Downtown Community Events

Community Relations Manager, Gustavo Gutierrez Gomez, is available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Please contact him at 503-980-6320 or by email at for comment, questions, or to schedule an appointment. 


Global Inclusion Advisory Committee
One of the City Council’s adopted goals for 2015-1016 was to create a Global Inclusion Advisory Committee.  The Committee was established by the City Council in September 2015, and the first roster of members was appointed in February 2016.  The Committee is designed to bring together City leaders and community members representing the Latino, Russian, older adult, and disabled communities to advise the City on cultural values and the needs of residents, identify gaps in programs or services, and to develop recommendations to build a stronger and better connected community. For more information on the Global Inclusion Advisory Committee and its goals please click here.