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Ordinance Review/ Revision Project important to residents

An ordinance is equivalent to a local law, which is passed by the City Council per the process outlined in the Woodburn City Charter.  Since Woodburn’s incorporation in 1889, our City Councils have been governing the City through the use of ordinances. Ordinances regulate many aspects of our community ranging from land use and controlling the size of building signs to the number of chickens you can own and the height of your lawn grass.  And as you might imagine, since Woodburn’s 1889 incorporation, there are a lot of ordinances accumulated the books. 

WPD loses K-9 'Max' to unexpected illness

We consider our Police Department’s K-9 dogs to be members of the City staff.  I’m very sad to report that on Jan. 31, 2014 Woodburn Police K-9 Max passed away unexpectedly due to illness.

Spring construction projects abound for PW Department

The City’s Public Works Department has lined up several new projects for the spring and summer, including sewer relocation, road maintenance and street maintenance. Here’s a look at upcoming spring construction projects:

Compromise reached on sequoia trees

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), along with the City of Woodburn and the property owner at 1510 Rainier Road, has come to an agreement on one of the two large sequoia trees along Highway 214.

Feasibility study just the first step in what to do with Association Building

On Monday, the Woodburn Urban Renewal Agency Board, which is made up of Woodburn City Councilors, accepted a report from Constructive Form Architecture regarding redevelopment options for the Association Building. 

Burglary prevention tips

There have been multiple reports recently regarding burglary, theft from properties and thefts from vehicles.  Burglars and thieves are predominantly opportunistic in nature, seeking out properties that they can easily break into without being seen or heard, and sneaking out in the same manner.  Target-rich environments for burglars are areas that are dark, easily accessible and have thick landscape that provide easy concealment.

2014 'State of the City' address


By Kathy Figley

Woodburn Mayor

Woodburn has been through a lot in the last several years. Our households, businesses and local government agencies have all been challenged by the worst economic conditions since the 1930s. We experienced the December 12, 2008 bank bombing and its aftermath. We are still recovering from the high school fire. We are home to many people with limited resources — youngsters, retirees, unemployed and low wage workers.

Kindles coming to Woodburn Public Library

In another move to continue to connect to our community and keep up with technology, the Friends of the Woodburn Library recently voted to spend $2,500 to allow the library to circulate Kindle Paperwhite e-book readers to its patrons. The objective of the purchase is to add flexibility to library e-book purchases, to allow the Library to affordably purchase additional copies of popular books, and to allow library patrons to experience an e-book reader without having to purchase one.

Looking back on 2013

As we say goodbye to 2013, there’s a lot to look back on and be excited about in Woodburn. This past year, there’s several milestones that I thought were important for the City – and for you as taxpayers – that I wanted to share with you.

Police Department fully staffed, patrolling citywide

After it was reported that Woodburn’s Chief of Police Scott Russell was going to be off duty for a short while, I received a few questions from residents about the Police Department and their services. In Chief Russell’s absence, Captain Doug Garrett has been appointed Acting Chief. As the holiday season is upon us, many people have a heightened sense of security, especially as it is related to vehicle and home burglaries.


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