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City's Fall League Program Will Begin Nov. 1

The City of Woodburn's Public Works Department will begin its Fall Leaf Program Nov. 1 and run through Dec. 31. The leaf drop-off site is on Second Street between Lincoln and Grant Streets behind the Post Office and will be open Monday through Friday (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and Saturdays (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.). The site will be closed Sundays and holidays.

Interchange Project Reaches Another Milestone

Many of you may have noticed the rapidly-changing Interstate 5 interchange project saw a new feature open this week. The new northbound off ramp opened recently, which alleviates traffic that sometimes backs onto the freeway, causing traffic jams.

Boys & Girls Club A Big Asset To Community

By Kathy Figley, Woodburn Mayor

Some of you may have seen the modular building wearing the “Boys & Girls Club” sign at Settlemier Park. Yes, it’s a City-owned building in a City park, and no, it doesn’t have a gym and other facilities some of you might associate with a Boys & Girls Club. But rest assured, it is a branch of the Boys & Girls Club of Marion and Polk Counties.

Water Quality Matters

In the coming months, the rainy season will be upon us again. It is important to remember storm drains are for rain! When it rains, storm water runoff carries anything on your yard (like fertilizer and pesticides) down to storm drains in the street, which go directly to streams, rivers and other waterways.

Backflow Prevention: What it is and why we need it

Would you put anti-freeze in your tea? How about fertilizer in your bath water? Certainly not. However, if a backflow prevention assembly is not working properly, contamination of our drinking water becomes a real possibility.

K-9 Units Integral Part Of Police Force

On Aug. 26 officers from the Woodburn Police Department were dispatched to a trespass in a home on Hardcastle Avenue. The homeowner was in the hospital and had told the subjects not to trespass at her home. However, one of the subjects showed up anyway.

Be Aware Of Increased Children Walking On Streets

The school year is upon us again — I can’t believe how fast summer flew by — and I just wanted to remind the public that our police officers will be out patrolling schools zones beginning next week, and fines are doubled if you are caught speeding through those zones.

Transit Facility Nearing Completion

The new Woodburn Memorial Transit Facility is nearly complete and it is great to see it already getting used as much as it is. The transit facility was planned as a forward-looking endeavor and we will see even greater use in the future. Constructing that facility is what kicked off the entire I-5 Interchange Project. The electric vehicle charging station is in, all the lighting is in and just this week the “Welcome to Woodburn” sign was installed. The Police Memorial will be moved over later this fall, but the concrete and pedestal have already been installed.

Microsoft Tech Support Scam

The Woodburn Police Department has recently received several reports of scammers claiming to be technical support from Microsoft. The PD’s research on the scam led them to multiple online hits involving the same scam method over the past year.


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