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Tips to Avoid a Burglary While Away

During the holiday season, many people travel away from home to visit relatives for the festivities. Be careful this season not to leave you house for any length of time without first protecting it. There is never a guarantee that your house will not be broken into, but pre-planning may narrow the odds in your favor.

Here are some tips to help avoid being a burglary victim while you are away:

5 Holiday Scams to Avoid

With the holiday season quickly approaching, here are several common holiday scams to be wary of:

Fake seasonal jobs. An attempt to earn extra money during the holiday season may end up costing you money. Common scams to look out for include all manner of work-from-home jobs. If you are asked for money up front or your Social Security number, you may want to consider researching the company more for legitimacy.

"Relative Crash" Phone Scam

The Woodburn Police Department would like to make the Woodburn Community and surrounding area aware of a phone scam that is currently trending. This particular scam seems to be targeting the Hispanic Population.

Protection Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity thieves obtain your personal information in a variety of ways, and once obtained, they can use your information for a variety of fraudulent purposes. Some common ways a thief will get your personal information is by rummaging through your vehicle or garbage; pretending to work for legitimate companies; or try to trick you into revealing personal information by mass emails (phishing) or telephone scams. 

Job Hunting Scam

In the current economy, many people are turning to non-traditional methods in job seeking. If you're looking for a job, you may see ads for firms that promise results. Many of these firms may be legitimate and helpful, but others may misrepresent their services, promote outdated or fictitious job offerings, or charge high fees in advance for services that may not lead to a job.

Before you spend money responding to placement firms or completing placement contracts:


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