Urban Forestry Program


The City of Woodburn is dedicated to providing its residents with a healthy and vibrant community. A key factor in helping to achieve that goal is the creation and maintenance of a healthy urban forest.  Woodburn's diverse mix of trees and shrubs improve the air we breathe, help to reduce water run-off, save energy, and increase our community's overall quality of life and livability.


Goals for Woodburn's Urban Forestry Program include:

  • Improve the health of City owned trees.
  • Improve the health of privately owned trees.
  • Increase the community's understanding of the environmental, quality of life, and aesthetic benefits of a healthy tree canopy.
  • Provide easily accessed information to assist Woodburn residents, arborists, and developers in selecting, planting, maintaining, preserving, and protecting trees.
  • Provide straightforward guides and illustrations to help property owners and developers understand and work within the City's tree regulations.

Urban Forestry Program events include:

Tips for helping trees withstand winter storms:

Trees provide a significant benefit to you and your family: