Tree Removal Information


The City of Woodburn provides guidance and resources for the request to remove street and significant trees from public and private property. 

How do I remove a significant tree on my property?

Removal of significant trees is regulated by Section 3.06.07 of the Woodburn Development Ordinance. A “significant tree” is any tree 2 feet or more in diameter (6’-3” in circumference) measured at 5 feet above ground level. If you have a significant tree on your property that you would like permission to remove, please complete and submit a Significant Tree Removal Permit for review. Permit reviews are subject to the following:

  • Permit approvals are held in abeyance between November 1 and May 1, to allow inspection of the deciduous trees when fully leafed.
  • Removal for a diseased or dangerous tree requires a report from a certified arborist verifying the tree is dead or dying, structurally unsound, or hazardous to life or property.
  • The City's Development Services Director may require a second arborist's opinion.
  • A dangerous tree can be removed prior to obtaining a permit in an emergency, however the owner must still apply for the removal permit within three days.

Please complete and submit the Significant Tree Removal Permit below. If your permit is approved, you will be required to follow replacement requirements for significant tree removal. Please see the list of prohibited trees before replanting.

Significant Tree Removal Permit   Prohibited Trees


How do I have a street tree removed?

Removal of street trees is regulated by Ordinance No. 2424 of the Woodburn Ordinance Compilation under Local Improvements. A "street" tree is defined as a tree, shrub, or other woody vegetation on land, the trunk of which is located wholly or partially within the right-of-way along either side of a street, avenue, or other way or within a dedicated side of a street, avenue, or other way. If there is a street tree that is causing a problem you will have to complete an application & permit to remove a street tree. A permit must first be obtained by the Public Works Director in order to remove a street tree. Permits to remove street trees will only be granted if one of the following conditions exist:

  • The tree is dangerous and may be made safe only by its removal.
  • The tree is dead or dying, and its condition cannot be reversed.
  • The tree is diseased and presents a potential threat to other trees within the City unless it is removed.
  • The tree is causing damage, which cannot be corrected through normal tree maintenance, to public infrastructure as defined by this Ordinance.
  • The tree is causing damage, which cannot be corrected through normal tree maintenance, to private infrastructure as defined by this Ordinance. 

Subject to the availability of funds in the City's budget, the Public Works Director is authorized to expend City funds to share in the cost of removal of street trees according to the following formula:

Cost of Removal  Owner Share City Share
First $200 100% 0%
Above $200 50% 50%

The City may require the replacement by the Real Property Owner, at the Real Property Owner's expense, of a new tree after permission has been granted by the Public Works Director for the removal of an existing street tree.

Street Tree Removal Permit    Tree Subsidy Application